Our Mission

Fab Folk Inc. is organized and operated exclusively for charitable, educational, and scientific purposes. Fab Folk Inc. will further these purposes by:

1. Applying, and assisting others in applying, Fab Lab technologies and processes to serve individual and local community needs, with the hope and expectation of benefitting the Fab and local community at large.

2. Encouraging the advancement of science directed towards benefiting the public through developing or aiding in the research of new bodies of knowledge concerning Fab Lab enabling technology and processes, and disseminating these concepts to the general public by making the results of such research generally available.

3. Advancing education of individuals through instruction or training, or aiding in the instruction or training, in Fab Lab technology, processes, and pedagogy for the purpose of improving individuals' abilities to develop themselves or support their communities; and advancing education through the instruction of the public on Fab Labs and their uses and how to build and/or expand technical capacity in localities.

4. Facilitating distribution and access to the Fab Lab tools and materials, with the purpose of promoting the equality of access to tools and materials that cultivate and support innovating practices.

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This domain is a collection of services for fab lab users, maintained by your friendly fab folk.

You can get free yourname@fabfolk.com email by mailing admin at fabfolk.com.

Fab Folk has a history of working directly with fab labbers worldwide to fund individual user projects and support open source developement, such as that being done in the Fabfi Wireless Project.
This part of the Fabfolk mission is just ramping up, so you'll see more info and more projects soon.

There are plenty of FabLab resources online:

FabFolk is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization registered in Massachusetts, USA. Your donations will be used to support global user projects per our grant-making policy.

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